West Georgia Food Allergy Support Group is a non profit, volunteer support group for individuals and families living with food allergies in nearby communities. The site is NOT intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Founder: Jenna Bearden
Co-Founder: Megan Williams, Tiffany Smart

Our Support:
Totally committed to being an advocate and raising awareness in our local community by encouraging, educating & supporting local families affected by food allergies.

Have annual meetings from physicians/professional advocates to discuss topics on Food Allergies

Raise Money in our local communities to bring awareness for research & funding food allergy awareness and participate in Fare Walk Atlanta

Jenna Bearden is excited about sharing and educating our local communities about food allergies. She has hands on experience with dealing with food allergies. Jenna’s daughter, Jade, was diagnosed with food allergies at the age of 4, May 2012.

Megan Williams is just as excited about bringing awareness about food allergies. She has food allergies as well, she understands the guidelines, and is willing to help others with educating, and supporting.

Tiffany Smart an advocate as well in our local community. She has life threatening food allergies as well, and understands that our community needs more awareness.

Together we are a team of educated ladies, who will assist you through this journey. Please feel free to contact us.


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