I personally do not have a child with a food allergy but I have learned so much through this group….. It has showed me just how much some of these kids have to go through and how severe some allergies may be. Not only is this a good sight for food allergies but Jenna has even went as far as letting me know when some things that you have to watch out for allergy wise is also something I have to watch out for with my adhd son. Jenna is a absolute wonderful person for always be there anytime you have a food allergy question and for always answering back as quickly as she does, and for devoting so much of her time to this research. -Tracy Hooks, Attalla, Alabama

I believe the West Georgia Food Allergy Support Group is an educational advocate for those that are affected with food allergies. I’ve learned so much knowledge and gained a better understanding on why it is important and how to keep others safe from an allergy they can not help. Not only have I learned from this group but it is also a great way for the community to come together and unite as one as we figure out a cure. Every person that is educated can save another life. And I thank the West Georgia Group for helping me learn how to save others affected by food allergies. – Lauren Stelter
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