Local Resturants

West Georgia Food Allergy Support Group is a non profit, volunteer support group for individuals and families living with food allergies in nearby communities. The site is NOT intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.
Food Allergies and Food Labels
As product information and manufacturing processes change, the consumer maintains responsibility for ensuring any product mentioned on this page is free from any or all allergens that pose a concern. If you have questions about foods you see mentioned here, please contact the companies directly for more info.

*Please note that these restaurants have allergen, or gluten menus, but please advise your doctor if you have questions regarding your allergens. If you have more questions please contact the restaurant*

Fast Food Local Restaurants

Nutritional/Allergen Menu  (as of September 2013)
Gluten Free Menu  (as of July 2013)

Burger King
Nutritional/Allergen Menu (as of August 2013)
Gluten Free  (as of April 2012)

Domino’s Pizza
Allergen Information

Firehouse Subs
Allergen/Gluten & Sensitivities Info (as of July 31, 2013)

Allergen Chart  (as of March 7, 2013)

Allergen Statements

Allergen/Gluten Sensitivities Guide (as of March 25, 2013)

Allergen/Gluten Information (as of December 2009)

Pizza Hut
Allergen Information

Allergen/Gluten/Sensitivity Guide (as of September 2013)

Taco Bell
Food Allergy and Sensitivities

Nutritional/Allergen Information (as of September 2013)
Gluten Free Menu (as of July 2013)

Sit Down Local Restaurants

La Trattoria
Gluten Free Menu

Allergen/Gluten Chart (as of February 17, 2012)

Olive Garden
Gluten/Allergen Guide (as of September 29 2013)

Ruby Tuesday
Allergen/Gluten Information (as of August 30, 20013)

Samba Loca
Gluten Free Menu

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